World of My Own

ilove the feeling when flying up high in the shoes with magic you just cannot imagine

ilove the feelingof looking at others while crossing aroundamong the pegs you must conquer

someting happens in you heart after finishing every single action

even slip

maybe that’s whatthey call ‘lifestyle’

just like what Westlife sings in their single ‘world our own’

i got a little world of our own

having been looking for my own life for almost 1 year after entering the university, i got it

you dont konw what to do when life’s so boring

you dont know where your passion lies in even you have been pursuing for long

what do they know

the large charge you’ve got in it

only this moment i konw who i am and what makes me different from others

shuttling around in the world of my own

as if nobody’s around

that’s fly, that’s unique, that’s skills that they can just look with eyes

not a master-hand though, it’s great fun if you put your heart in it just when skating

slip, rise, slip, rise

world of my own, ’cause you’ll never understand

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